Yamaha EAD-10

Yamaha EAD-10Hybrid Electronic Drum Sound Module.System consists of two parts – the EAD module and the EAD Sensor. The EAD Sensor mounts onto the bass drum hoop facingthe player.The EAD Sensor’s twin microphones capture a stereo image of the whole drumkit including the cymbals. The EAD module takes this audio data and allows 200’Scenes’ or patches to be created by the user. These ‘Scenes’ use acombination of Yamaha studio effects and samples to create any sort of drum kitsound which can be easily stored by the user. If you plug in a sound source, you are able to play along with high quality drumsounds, making you feel like you are in the studio or stadium with your favouriteband. You can also plug pads or triggers into the EAD module to you can blend your acoustic and electronic sounds in any way you want. The EAD Sensor has a built in trigger which is used to reinforce the acoustic bass drum sound. The EAD-10 also acts as a stereo audio interface for your computer, so drummers can record their acoustic drum kit directly into their computer using just a USB cable, without the need for traditional microphones. The EAD-10 module also links with the free Rec’n’Share’app (right) which allows drummers to film themselves playing along with a track on their phone or tablet. Then the video, along with the audio from the EAD, can be mixed together into a perfect drum video. Once the drummer is happy with the performance and the mix, the video file can be stored or uploaded straight to social media or YouTube. Connectivity: DC-IN 12V, Phones OUT with standard 3,5 mm Jack, Line OUT L/R, USB to device, USB to host, Sensor Input, Trigger Input, Footswitch Input. DImensions: 260 x 39 x 83 mm. Weighr 654 g.
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