Yamaha DTX 430 K

Yamaha DTX 430 KAux in, Snare: 7,5 Zoll Pad, Hi-Hat: 10 Zoll Pad, can also been used as second Bass Drum Pedal) and KP65 Bass Drum Pad (Double Pedal usable) included Bass Drum-Pedal FP6110A, large Cymbal-Pads and the new DTX400 Drum Trigger Module with 169 highquality Sounds, HH65 Hi-Hat Controller (Open/Closed/Half-open/Footsplash, Floor-Tom: 7,5 Zoll Pad, USB, two Tom: 7,5 Zoll Pad, Crash-Cymbal: 10 Zoll Pad, the Set comes with new concepted Drum-Pads, Ride-Cymbal: 10 Zoll Pad, Headphone Out,
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