Tech 21 Fly Rig PL1 Paul Landers Signature

Tech 21 Fly Rig PL1 Paul Landers SignatureCompact and lightweight multieffect designed for electric guitars. The Paul Landers PL1 Signature Fly Rig offers 2 SansAmp channels, one clean and one dirty. Like our other Fly Rigs, it offers the same ease, portability, confidence and multi-functionality for going direct to a mixer or P. A. and as a pre-amp/stompbox in live performances. The Paul Landers Signature Fly Rig features two all-analog SansAmp channels to switch between dirty and clean tones. The Feuer section has 3-band active EQ controls with switchable Mid, Drive and Level. The Wasser section has dual-band active EQ controls, compression, and Level. There’s a Bite switch for a presence boost which provides extra clarity to the top end, increased definition to your notes, and an edginess with increased harmonics and a slight breakup. DLA with Tap Tempo + Vibrato + Ambiance: Delay is voiced for the sounds of a vintage tape echo. It features Time and Repeats controls and dedicated Tap Tempo footswitch. Vibrato alters the functions of Time and Level: Time controls the speed of the vibrato. Min = Slow; Max = Fast. Level adjusts the depth of the vibrato. In Vibrato mode, you can use the Tap Tempo to control the speed. Ambiance provides a smooth, full sweep to easily dial-in the amount of ambiance desired. Choose from: Out position = Close mic’d ambiance. In position = Standard room ambiance. BOOST: Independent dual-mode Boost function. Post-SansAmp positive boost up to +6dB and “negative” boost down to -10dB. TUNER: Chromatic Tuner is operable via the TAP/TUNER footswitch in the DLA section. You simply hold the footswitch down to engage the Tuner, which simultaneously mutes the signal path. OTHER FEATURES: 1/4-inch 1megOhm input; XLR output with ground lift; 1/4-inch low impedance output; Headphone button switches the 1/4” output into headphone mode; Rugged, all-metal housing; Metal footswitches and jacks; Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators; Utilizes included 9V DC Universal Power Supply: Model #DC9. “Auto-switching,” self-adjusting 100V-240V, 200mA. Dimensions: 32 x 6. 5 x 3. 2 cm, Weight: 525 g
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