Tama RM50YH6 Rhythm Mate Black

Tama RM50YH6 Rhythm Mate BlackComplete studio drum kit with cymbals from Rhythm Mate series that consists of a 20” x 16” bass drum, 10” x 7” and 12” x 8” tom drums, 14” x 13” floor tom, and a 14” x 5” snare drum. All of the drums feature wrapped 6-ply poplar shells with 7.5mm thickness and laminate coating that provide very pleasant, warm and natural sound with middle attack. The chrome-plated hardware of the drums includes the bass drum Accu-Tune Tensioner and the Accu-Tune hoops that provide not only faster, but also more stable tuning, and the Omniball tome mounting system. The kit further comes supplied with Meinl BCS set of brass cymbals including a 14” hi-hat, a 16” crash cymbal and a 20” ride cymbal. It also includes a variety of hardware accessories: MTH50 double tom tom holder, HP10 bass drum pedal, HS03WN snare stand, HC03WN straight cymbal stand, HC03BWN cymbal boom stand, HH03WN hi-hat stand and HT10 drum throne. Black colour design.
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