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Roland AIRA TR-8

Roland AIRA TR-8Drum machine from TR series that provides a full reproduction of the classic TR-808 and TR-909 rhythm machines, based on original design specification sheets and detailed analog circuit analysis of many original TR machines, and a variety of improved and added features. Its Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology allows part-by-part analyses and faithful recreation of tonality and behaviour, while an authentic 16-step sequencer with faithful TR-REC behaviour provides A and B pattern variations, the ability to play instruments and record to steps in real time. Drum machine also features 16 kits made up of 11 instrument types (including custom dream kits that use both TR-808 and TR-909 sounds), per-step reverb and delay effects with dedicated knobs, large Tempo knob with Tap Tempo button and continuous Fine and Shuffle adjustment knobs, and control of the intensity of the Accent function with a dedicated knob. It also allows real-tome pattern creation of up to 32 steps with on-the-fly step count adjustment, as well as real-time play of 4 different types of rolls (8th, 6th, VARI 1, VARI 2) and pattern copy and pattern randomization, while Rec/Play modes have been eliminated. Machine is equipped with 7-segment, 4-character LED display and 16 per-step pads with bold, full-colour LEDs, two assignable analog outputs and full parallel outputs via USB for total mixing flexibility. Dimensions 400 x 260 x 65 mm. Weight: 1.9 kg.
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Korg Electribe BL

Korg Electribe BLThe electribe is a synthesizer-based production machine that turns inspiration into sound at maximum speed. It contains numerous analog oscillators and a wide variety of filters. Whether you’re selecting sounds or editing them, all operations are performed simply by using the top panel knobs. In addition, a variety of input interfaces optimized for inputting rhythm, bass, or melody allow you to smoothly create sequences as fast as you can think. The sequences that you create can then undergo additional evolution on stage or in your laptop. You can enjoy intuitive live performances that link various devices with the electribe, or utilize this capability for full-fledged music production by exporting sequence data to Ableton Live for detailed editing and final mixing. The latest system version 2 adds a much-requested pattern chain function that will be a great asset for live performances or music production. The lineup has also become more colorful with the new metallic blue model. And we’ve also provided bonus patterns that reveal even greater sonic potential. Making your beat-making ideas rapidly take shape. It’s the electribe; a synthesizer + sequencer that’s thoroughly optimized for speed. Following the chic gray unit, the lineup has been joined by a metallic blue model that’s reminiscent of the previous model, the ELECTRIBE MX. Complemented by the numerous colorfully illuminated LEDs, this unit will energize your playing. Color: Blue.SpecsSound SystemTypeAnalog modeling sound engine + PCM sound engine Maximum Polyphony 24 voices* The polyphony of the entire pattern varies depending on the Oscillator, Filter, and Insert Fx type.* Independent parameters for each voice have been simplified; four voices share the parameters of one conventional voice. OscillatorType (409), Pitch/Glide, Edit Oscillator Types Kick (56), Snare (58), Clap (16), HiHat (42), Cymbal (14), Tom (16), Percussion (55), Voice (16), Synth FX (18), Synth Hit (18), Inst Hit (16), Synth (55), Instrument (28), Audio In (1) Filter Filter (Cutoff), Resonance, EG Int, LPF/HPF/BPF (16) Modulation Type (72), Depth, Speed Amp/Envelope Generator Level, Pan, Attack, Decay/Release, Amp EG On/Off Scale Types 35 Gate Arpeggiator Types 50 Sampling Frequency 48 kHz AD/DA Conversion 24 bit EffectInsert Effect One unit (can be used on each of the 16 parts) Type (38), Edit, Insert FX On/Off Master EffectOne unit Type (32), Touch Pad, Master FX On/Off, Master FX Hold On/Off SequencerNumber of Steps 16 steps x 4 Number of Parts 16 parts (one part consists of a sound, steps, insert effect, modulation sequence, etc) Number of Patterns 250 patterns (200 Presets / 50 Initial) (one pattern consists of parts, master effect, key, scale setting, etc) Motion Sequences Up to 24 motion sequences can be stored (for each pattern) Groove Types 25 Pattern Set Up to 64 patterns can be stored Pattern Chain Up to 250 patterns can be chained Export Ableton Live project file format, WAV file format (48 kHz, 16 bit) Event Recording Up to 100 files can be saved Trigger PadsNumber of Pads 16 pads (Velocity sensitive) Modes Trigger, Sequencer, Keyboard, Chord, Step Jump, Pattern Set Touch PadModes Gate Arp, Touch Scale, Master FX ConnectorsAudioL/Mono, R Output (Standard phone jack)Headphones (Stereo mini jack)Audio Input (Stereo mini jack) MIDIIn, Out (Use an included MIDI adapter cable) USBType micro B SyncIn, Out (Stereo mini jack) External Storage DeviceSD Card (512 MB — 2 GB), SDHC Card (Up to 32 GB) PowerPower Supply AC adapter (DC 9V) or AA battery x 6 (Alkaline battery or Nickel metal hydride battery) Battery Life Approximately 5 hours (Power Saving: ON, with Nickel metal hydride battery) Current Consumption Less than 500 mA Chassis Zinc die cast Dimensions (W x D x H) 339 x 189 x 45 mm / 13.35” x 7.44” x 1.77” Weight 1.6 kg / 3.53 lbs.
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MOOG Etherwave Theremini Ash + Gig Bag SET

MOOG Etherwave Theremini Ash + Gig Bag SETTHE MAIN PICTURE OF THE SET IS ILLUSTRATIVE ! – SET with accessories for discounted price. Sooner or later you will need accessories and expendable matierial. If you choose to buy it now, you’ll save lot of money and time as well. There is no need to deal with it later, plus you have the assurance that accessories included in particular SET suits the product perfectly.
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Waldorf BLOFELDSlim and elegant synthesizer that deliver a big, evil sound and offers all the unique qualities that made Waldorf a truly legendary brand. The engine inside the heavy duty, full metal chassis delivers a fat and rich sound – it produces the same warm, organic analogue sounds known from the Waldorf Q synthesizer line, but it also sports a wavetable engine like its predecessors with “Wave” in their names. This unique synthesis system is based upon the revolutionary PPG Wave synthesizers of the early 80s, recognizable for the edgy, hard-hitting and bell-like timbres. The synthesizer offers 7 endless stainless steel dials and a graphic black-and-white display (128 x 64 pixels, white background LED) for easy control. It provides more than 1000 sounds and three oscillators per voice, including all Q oscillator models, with Frequency Modulation between them. It also provides all of the Microwave II/XT/XTk wavetables, two independent Multi Mode Filters per voice, Filter FM, two Drive stages per voice (with selectable Drive Curves), 3 fast LFOs per voice and 4 fast Envelopes per voice. Other features include a powerful Arpeggiator with freely programmable Arpeggiator Pattern with up to 16 steps per sound.
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Korg KAOSSILATOR PRO PLUSCompact dynamic phrase synthesizer/loop recorder from Kaossilator series that lets the user perform and create multi-layered music in any style with just the touch of a finger: simple touch of the touchpad allows playing notes and manipulating the sound in the real time. It is an upgraded version of KAOSILLATOR PRO, with additional sound programs and drum sounds. It provides a total of 250 sound programs (including drum programs and 62 new programs), covering a wide range of styles, 35 scales, and the Loop Recording function that allows intuitive performance and recording, plus 4 infinitely stackable loop banks. Synthesizer offers numerous functions for unlimited performance possibilities: Scale/Key settings for easy performance with no wrong notes, Note Range function for specifying the horizontal pitch range of the touchpad, or Gate Arpeggiator function for easy control of the phrases with the slider. It is also equipped with pad LEDs that ensure excellent visibility even in the dark. Synthesizer is highly expandable – it provides USB and MIDI connection that allows use as a powerful MIDI controller, line and mic inputs, line and headphone outputs. Recorded loop data (24-bit/48 kHz quality) can be stored in WAV format on a SD/SDHC card. Powered by DC 9V adapter (included). Protective sheet for touch pad is included. Dimensions:210 x 226 x 49 mm. Weight: 1.3 kg.
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MOOG Etherwave Theremin Standard Ash

MOOG Etherwave Theremin Standard AshHigh-quality theremin with design that retains many characteristics of the original theremins, including a five-octave pitch range and reliable spacing between notes for sophisticated playability. The theremin is one of the oldest electronic instruments, and the only one known that can be played without touching. Moving the hands in the space around its antennas controls pitch and volume. This model is an authentic adaptation of inventor Leon Theremin’s original design and comes fully assembled in a beautiful ash wood cabinet. Its antennas are nickel-plated 9.5mm brass tubes and feature threaded connectors which allow them to be removed for travel. The instrument features the Power rocker switch for switching on and off the AC power, Pitch rotary control for adjusting the response of the pitch antenna, Volume rotary control for adjusting the response of the volume antenna, Waveform rotary control for adjusting the waveform of the audio output and Brightness rotary control for adjusting the brightness of the audio output. It is also fitted with an adapter for mounting on a standard microphone stand and is designed for use with a musical instrument amplifier such as the Moog TB-15. It ships with two video tutorials on one DVD: Clara Rockmore: the Greatest Theremin Virtuosa and Mastering the Theremin, featuring Lydia Kavina. A 220V power supply is also included.
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Roland SP-404A

Roland SP-404ADesigned for live use, the SP-404ALinear Wave Sampler expands the sounds of the Roland AIRA TR-8 RhythmPerformer for a powerful combination of sample and percussivesynthesis. The fast, hands-on approach of the acclaimed SP-seriesperformance samplers is a perfect fit for the impressive rhythmiceffects and iconic step-sequencer of the Roland AIRA TR-8.All of the functions and features ofthe popular SP-404SX are contained in the SP-404A, including itsdistinctive 16-bit linear sampling, 29 onboard DSP effects, smooth FXswitching, and 12 professional performance pads. Plus, a new libraryof sounds curated by sample-industry leader Loopmasters are providedvia the included SD card. Whether used standalone or controlledby the TR-8, the SP-404A makes for an intuitive and inspiringaddition to the AIRA range of performance instruments for DJs,musicians, and producers.
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