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Novation 49 SL MKIII Set

Novation 49 SL MKIII SetTHE MAIN PICTURE OF THE SET IS ILLUSTRATIVE ! – SET with accessories for discounted price. Sooner or later you will need accessories and expendable matierial. If you choose to buy it now, you’ll save lot of money and time as well. There is no need to deal with it later, plus you have the assurance that accessories included in particular SET suits the product perfectly.
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Current price & order: Novation 49 SL MKIII Set

M-Audio CTRL 49

M-Audio CTRL 49The CTRL 49 keyboard provides advanced control of virtual instruments and DAWs via a full-color, high-resolution 4.3´´ screen. It features a 49-key semi-weighted keybed, and the directional cluster of hardware controls has been meticulously thought out for effortless operation. The CTRL 49 is powered by the included Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software, which enables you to access any VSTi virtual instrument or effect in your computer directly from the keyboard. Quickly filter and search through every patch in your plug-in library by using the built-in tagging function, making it simple to find the sound they’re after quickly. VIP auto-maps the CTRL 49’s controls to the selected plug-in, and displays the plug-in parameters directly on the display for a natural, familiar 1:1 workstation-style experience.
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Current price & order: M-Audio CTRL 49

Arturia Keylab mkII 49 White

Arturia Keylab mkII 49 WhiteUSB MIDI controller keyboard. KeyLab MkII is a luxurious, expressive tool for your studio or live rig. Unsurpassed connectivity, effortless integration, customizable interface, and inspiring included software. It features dynamic performance and studio controls, including a high quality 49-note keyboard with aftertouch, 16 RGB backlit pads, 9 faders, 9 rotary knobs, and dedicated DAW and transport controls. Its huge connectivity also includes CV/Gate outputs, expression, sustain, MIDI, USB and 3 assignable auxiliary pedal inputs. So you can take command of outboard synth and Eurorack modules with ease. KeyLab MkII comes with quality music software: Analog Lab software with 6500 synth sounds, Ableton Live Lite and Piano V. Select sounds, browse presets, switch parts, smart-assigned controls. Standalone or plug-in operation: VST, VST3, AU, AAX. Compatible with all major Digital Audio Workstation: Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Bitwig, Cubase, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Studio One. Dimensions (W x D x H): 793 x 297 x 53 mm. Weight: 6,3 kg. Colour: White
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Current price & order: Arturia Keylab mkII 49 White

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2With the latest generation of KOMPLETE KONTROL, music-making becomes a more intuitive, hands-on experience. Perform expressively, browse and preview sounds, tweak parameters, sketch your ideas, then navigate and mix your project – all from one fully integrated centerpiece for studio and stage. What is new? Two high-res color screens make it easy to browse and preview sounds, tweak controls, and mix and edit your projects – right from the hardware. Get hands-on with your production process, thanks to an improved layout with more dedicated function buttons and a new four-directional push encoder. KOMPLETE KONTROL now sport ergonomic pitch and mod wheels, plus a touch strip for expanded creative possibilities. Register your KOMPLETE KONTROL hardware to download KOMPLETE 11 SELECT for free – the essential collection of instruments and effects, including MASSIVE, MONARK, and THE GENTLEMAN. The package features more than 2,500 sounds and over 25 GB of instruments and effects, giving you the perfect palette of sounds for any genre.
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Akai MPK 249

Akai MPK 249Performance pad and keyboard controller from MPK series that has been engineered to be an all-in-one controller solution and combines deep software integration, enhanced workflow, and core technologies from the iconic line of MPC workstations. It comes fully loaded with a comprehensive interface for manipulating virtual instruments, effect plugins, DAWs, and more. The controller features 8 assignable knobs, faders, and switches, 16 MPC-style pads with RGB feedback, and onboard transport buttons. Three banks expand the number of knobs, faders, and switches (up to 24 each), and four pad banks expand the number of pads (up to 64 total). Plus, the unit is optimized to interface directly with the Mac or PC with USB power and plug-and-play connectivity. It comes equipped with 49 semi-weighted, full-size keys and a premium piano-style keybed for unprecedented response and natural feel. Each key is velocity-sensitive and outfitted with aftertouch for dynamic, expressive performances and recordings. In addition, onboard Octave Up and Down controls allow players to access the entire melodic range; play bass lines, piano harmony, solo leads and much more. Classic MPC Swing, MPC Note Repeat, MPC Full Level, and 16 Levels are all onboard for further inspiration. With this controller, musicians and composers can incorporate genuine MPC workflow into their productions and create with the tools that producers have relied on for years: MPC Swing allows users to obtain that tight, organic groove that made Akai Pro’s groundbreaking MPC music-making machines so legendary. MPC Note Repeat and 16 Levels make it easy to build beats and construct short melodic sequences using the MPC-style pads. In addition, an arpeggiator, with adjustable resolution, range, and patterns, enables users to explore complex melodic ideas, effortlessly. The controller is armed with powerful production software – Ableton Live Lite and MPC Essentials – for out-of-the-box music creation. Ableton Live Lite is a fluid audio/MIDI environment that enables musicians and producers to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise, and edit musical ideas. MPC Essentials, a groove/beat production and sample-triggering software, can integrate directly into any DAW, such as Ableton Live Lite, or run standalone. In addition, it extends the power of the unit by adding up to 8 pad banks and 4 samples and insert effects per pad. Two high-definition virtual synthesizers bring the best of synthesis technology to the users. Hybrid 3, by AIR Music Tech, is a versatile virtual synthesizer that combines the warmth of legendary analogue synths with a full range of futuristic, digital manipulation capabilities. SONiVOX Twist, a spectral morphing synthesis virtual instrument, makes it easy to create serious sounds using simple controls. Dimensions: 736.6 x 311.2 x 85.9 mm. Weight: 5.7 kg.
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Current price & order: Akai MPK 249

Nektar Panorama-P4

Nektar Panorama-P4Spectacular and deep integration with Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro, MainStage, Reaper and Reason puts the spotlight on performance and creativity. Keyboard and pads are dynamic, sensitive and balanced carefully with a solid feel that allows for complete expression. All this, combined with 93 real-time controls available at any one time, makes Panorama the definitive keyboard controller for Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro & Reason. Panorama’s keyboard action uses weights to offset the otherwise increasing tension you would experience from the spring. This means the down movement is as clean as possible and not heavy or fatiguing to play. We keep the down weight required within the heavy end of common standards for acoustic pianos. In addition, the dynamic range is much wider than what you experience on most controller keyboards allowing better control of both low and high velocity values. 5 velocity curves gives you choice just in case your playing style requires a different feel. Monophonic aftertouch, pitch bend and modulation wheels, plus foot switch and expression pedal jacks sets you up for performance. A crystal clear 3.5” color TFT display delivers the information you really need, for each mode or menu. Regardless of whether you are operating Reason or programming MIDI assignments in Internal mode, the display provides detailed information that makes your workflow fluent and fast. Panorama takes the hard work out of using a controller and makes operations that seem complicated and non-transparent on other products, straight-forward and simple. An unrivalled amount of assignable controls makes Panorama the most comprehensive and fully featured MIDI controller keyboard around. 16 encoders, 9 45mm faders, 1 100mm motorized ALPS fader, 10 LED buttons, 28 buttons, 12 pads each with strike and pressure component, foot switch jack, expression pedal jack, keyboard after touch, pitch bend and modulation wheels gives you immediate control of up to 93 parameters at any one time. You can store settings in 20 presets with individually save and loadable keyboard, pad and F-keys maps. We could argue that it gives you access to over 1500 assigned controls, but that would be spinning it too far. 49 key model.
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Current price & order: Nektar Panorama-P4

Novation 49SL MKIII

Novation 49SL MKIIIMidi controller with 49 standard keys, equipped with eight-track polyphonic sequencer, or CV outputs, which allows you to control vintage synthesizers or EURORACK. It offers 61 note velocity sensitive, individually sprung, synth style, semi-weighted keyboard with an aftertouch, 8 voice polyphony for each track, 8 layers for recording, arpeggiator, 16 RGB dynamically sensitive pads for loops and samplings, eight faders, eight rotary controls, buttons for triggering clips, transport buttons, a modular wheel, or other buttons for easy access to all the important features. The controller works with a whole range of DAW software and stands out in combination with Ableton Live. It is equipped with MIDI In / Out / Thru connectors, USB connector, analog clock output, CV output pair, input for the sustain and expression pedal, or footswitch input. Dimensions: 817 x 300 x 100 mm, Weight: 6. 3 kg
Novation keys, midi-master-keyboards, master-keyboards-up-to-49-keys

Current price & order: Novation 49SL MKIII