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Blackstar Studio 10 EL34

Blackstar Studio 10 EL34All-tube guitar combo. The elegant Studio 10 EL34 is a low gain, classic British crunch amp with an EL34 in the power amplifier and an ECC83 in the preamp stage, resulting in a flawlessly boutique, sultry crunch. This model includes a footswitchable pre-amp Boost for an authentic classic rock and indie rhythm tone and articulately powerful blues leads.
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Roland AC 33 RW

Roland AC 33 RWUltra-portable and versatile stereo amplifier for electro-acoustic guitar with a total output of 30 W (15 W+15 W) that delivers rich, deep, true stereo sound to go. It provides a dual-channel configuration with Guitar and Mic/Line channel with dedicated controls. Amplifier is equipped with two 5” speakers and can be powered by AC adaptor (included) or 8 AA batteries (accepts rechargeable NiMH types). It provides custom-tailored Reverb, Chorus and Ambience effects (Ambience adds spatial, 3D-type depth to the sound), Phrase Looper with 40 seconds of record time and the Anti-feedback function. Amplifier also features a stereo AUX input for connecting MP3/CD players etc., a headphone output, a built-in tilt-back stand and a removable battery cartridge for easy battery replacement. Dimensions: 318 x 223 x 243 mm. Weight: 4.7 kg. Rosewood finish.
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Laney TI15-112 Tony Iommi signature guitar combo

Laney TI15-112 Tony Iommi signature guitar comboSignature all-tube combo amplifier for electric guitar that takes all the raw power and tone of the Laney TI100s high gain channel and crams it into a compact single channel unit. It was designed specifically for Tony Iommi to use backstage to warm up on before he hits the huge stages of the worlds’ arenas. Utilizing Laney’s unique dual wattage input option means you can push the twin EL84 output section hard and get 15 W RMS of full on tone or plus into the ‘less than 1 W’ and get exactly that – the same great tone but at less than 1 W. The combo also features the cool flexibility of being able to record both silently, for late night recording sessions or in live situations via the Speaker Emulated Record Out feature on the rear panel. It is equipped with a 12” custom-designed HH driver; three ECC83 preamp tubes; and Pre-Boost, Volume and Drive channel controls plus a 3-band EQ, Dynamics and Tone controls. Other features include a variable level FX loop and a MP3 mini-jack input. The combo is finished in Tony’s trade mark black and cross livery with kick-proof metal grill. Dimensions: 445 x 461 x 268 mm.
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Vox AC10C1

Vox AC10C1All-tube 10W guitar combo amplifier from AC10 Custom series that is a reproduction of the original AC10, one of the first amplifiers to bear the VOX name that has long been adored for his ability to achieve rich, articulate tube tone at very manageable volumes. More portable than the AC15 and more powerful than the AC4, the combo features the classic Top Boost tone circuit that provides an array of classic and modern tones. Now equipped with reverb and a master volume, it is the perfect companion for the home, studio or stage. The Top Boost tone can be further adjusted via Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb and Volume controls. The combo is equipped with two 12AX7 and one EL84 tube, and a 10” Celestion VX10 speaker. Dimensions: 520 x 210 x 410 mm. Weight: 12.3 kg.
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Fender BASSBREAKER 15 COMBOSupercharged with a plethora of flexible features, the Bassbreaker 15 is a top-notch performer for stage or studio. This chameleon-like amp creates its magic with a trio of 12AX7 preamp tubes feeding into two EL84 power tubes for 15 watts of tight, modern tone. The all-new three-position Gain Structure switch gives the amp three distinct “boutique” voices, ranging from mild to wild. They’re all tasty and touch-sensitive without masking the character of the guitar. Recording-friendly features such as XLR line output with switchable speaker emulation and Power Amp Mute make it easy to lose yourself in the moment without getting bogged down by the details. A level-adjustable digital hall reverb adds just the right amount of ambience.
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Acus Forstrings One 5T Wood

Acus Forstrings One 5T WoodEquipped with two separate inputs (one Mic-Line and one Line), with controls for Gain/Volume, 3-Band EQ, Effect Send and Master Volume. The dedicated AUX input (with its own volume) allows for connetting an mp3 player or iPod. The system also features an electronically balanced direct output. Finish: Wood.Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 20 kHzMax Power Out: 50 W RMSSystem format: 2 way biampWoofer Power: 40 W RMSTweeter / Horn Power: 10 W RMSSensitivity 1 W 1 m: 90 dBSPL MAX: 108 dBCrossover: ElectricWoofer size: 5″High Freq driver: Comrepssion Tweter Box: 2 way bass reflexConstruction: PlywoodWeight: 7 kgDimensions: 305 x 255 x 265 mm.
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