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Ibiza Sound Cube 1812

Ibiza Sound Cube 1812Complete 2.1 DJ and PA system. System is suitable for medium-sized events. The Ibiza Cube1812 is a technically and visually integrated 2.1 PA speaker system designed for use at medium-sized events. The powerful 18″ active subwoofer is the PA system’s dynamic centre, and also outputs directly to the 12″ passive speakers. In order to create the optimal sound, the master and subwoofer volumes can be independently adjusted. For further refinements, the system also has an active 2-band equalizer. With its two microphone inputs, the PA system is especially well suited to vocal events such as seminars and conferences etc. The various setup options give the system a unique and flexible usability. The two speakers have flange fittings allowing them to be mounted on the included stands. The subwoofer also has a flange fitting allowing it to be included in a stack, when used with an additional stand (not included in delivery).
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Soundking S 0815 A 2

Soundking S 0815 A 2Sound system with total output of 2 x 150 W + 300 W (RMS) that contains two satellite speakers (8” MF, 1” HF drivers) and one 15” subwoofer. System provides XLR/jack mic and line inputs, two RCA aux inputs, and XLR/RCA outputs, plus two speakON main outputs. 5 m long speakON – speakON cables and two speaker stands are included.
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Magnat Prime One

Magnat Prime OneReference class Bluetooth loudspeaker system. The name says it all: the Magnat Prime One is the number 1 of the new Connected Audio range from Magnat. It forms the perfect symbiosis of modern streaming and hi-fi stereo sound. With this combination, it raises the category of practical Bluetooth speakers to a new sound level. And it shows at the very first glance that it fulfills all of these aspirations. The most elegant materials in abundance – including a 10 mm thick solid aluminium top panel and an extremely sturdy MDF enclosure in modern fabric – speak for themselves. The 6 kg weight of the desktop enclosure makes it clear how solidly the Prime One is built. The elegant look is accompanied by a perfect feel. The controls on the Prime One are made of solid aluminium, just like the top panel. The minimalistic, clear operating concept underlines the purist nature of this reference-class Bluetooth speaker. However, it is not just the exterior qualities that make the Magnat Prime One so impressive. Concealed inside is technology of the very highest level. At the heart of its high-quality stereo reproduction are the 2 x 2-way systems lurking behind the anthracite-coloured fabric of the Prime One. Typical for hi-fi, we have opted for the combination of a Klippel-optimised, high-impulse 84 mm bass-midrange driver and 25 mm fabric dome on each side. This kind of set-up can be found in nearly all compact high-end loudspeakers, and for a good reason: for perfect, fine resolution sound across the entire listening area, 2-way systems are the state of the art. An exceptionally large bass radiator with a diameter of 130 mm enriches the sound of the Prime One with clean low bass reproduction without any flow noise whatsoever. Operating from the background, while also being an equally central component, is the high-quality amplifier section of the Prime One. The integrated module provides the best sound thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 including Qualcomm aptX. Four separate amplifier channels including active filtering through a digital signal processor supply each individual chassis with the best possible sound without any loss. The efficient Class D technology ensures sumptuous power output from the amplifiers with only minimal warming. In addition to streaming via Bluetooth, the Prime One also features an analogue 3.5 mm jack input for connecting other source devices. A USB charging output supplies mobile devices with up to 2.0A. With the first few beats, the Prime One makes it clear that it takes its sonic demands very seriously. It delivers a high-end, richly detailed, finely arranged and absolutely hi-fi soundscape. The two 2-way systems build up a credible three-dimensionality in front of the listener and bring the finest details to your ears over the entire working area. This precise sound and neutrality give the Prime One a tonal authority that is unique in the Bluetooth segment. Thanks to its elegant appearance, the high-quality technology inside and its absolutely durable sound, the Magnat Prime One is a modern and convenient alternative to the classic stereo system and is the new centre of excellent sound in your home. Frequency Response: 38 Hz – 30 kHz, Dimensions: 385 x 122 x 250 mm, Weight: 6 kg
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Samson Expedition XP300

Samson Expedition XP300Portable PA system. The Samson Expedition XP300 is an all-in-one sound system that offers excellent audio quality with quick and easy setup. Providing 300 Watts of power, the XP300 features a lightweight, 6-channel powered mixer and two 6” speakers. For enhanced portability, the XP300 offers a unique speaker-locking design that allows the system and all its components to be packed up and transported as a single unit weighing just under 24 pounds. Ideal for small-sized venues and rooms (audiences of 75 – 100). Lightweight Class D amplifier produces 2 x 150 Watts of stereo power. Power: 300 W / 4 Ohm. Frequency Response: 20 Hz–20 kHz. Speakers: 2 x 6” woofer, 2 x 1” HF driver. Input Channels: 6 (2 mono, 1 stereo, Bluetooth). Inputs: XLR, 6,3 mm jack, 3,5 mm stereo jack, USB Wireless. Input Channel EQ (High/Low): 10 kHz/100 Hz shelving ±15 dB. Effects: 16 preset, 24-bit DSP. Outputs: 6,3 mm jack sub out, 2 x 6,3 mm speaker. Phantom Power: +15V DC, fixed phantom voltage. Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0, A2DP. Included: Speaker Cables with 6,3 mm jack. Dimensions: 354 x 395 x 218 mm. Weight: 10,8 kg. Colour: Black
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Korg KONNECTPortable stereo PA system. Connect anything to this great-sounding, self-contained speaker. A portable stereo high-powered PA with high-quality sound. KONNECT is a portable all-in-one stereo PA system that provides a complete solution for both sound and convenience. It’s a single unit that has everything you need for performances, DJ, background music, or MC work in any situation: live shows, parties, dance studios, exhibitions, seminars, or presentations. Featuring clarity that’s unparalleled in any compact speaker, KONNECT delivers both powerful low-end and loudness. At the same time, KONNECT includes conveniences such as an interface that’s easy to understand and operate, a rich variety of EQ presets suitable for any source (the VOICING function), and support for wireless control from your smartphone or tablet. The portable KONNECT is an easy way to get great sound anytime and anywhere. Experience the powerful sound of KONNECT for dance music. With high output that you wouldn’t believe could come from a compact all-in-one stereo speaker, you’ll enjoy clear and powerful sound with an ample low range. In addition, the KONNECT achieves a clear sound image with an excellent sense of separation. The secret to this capability lies in a cutting-edge SHARC DSP and 32-bit digital processing. Experience accurate phase control with an all-in-one stereo speaker, a carefully designed crossover that connects the high and low frequency ranges, a low-noise design that decreases the noise floor, and superb resolution that delivers smooth attacks and crisp clarity. The latest technology and Korg’s know-how ensure that the full range will be reproduced with high-quality sound that rivals studio monitors.
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Samson Expedition XP106wDE

Samson Expedition XP106wDESamson’s Expedition XP106wDE Rechargeable Portable PA is a completely wireless lightweight speaker system that satisfies the sound reinforcement needs for classrooms, conferences, tour groups, parties and more. Weighing just 16 pounds with 100 watts of power, the XP106wDE also includes a headset USB digital wireless system, Bluetooth connectivity and 20-hour internal rechargeable battery. The XP106wDE offers a built-in 4-channel mixer with multiple input options and separate level controls. For events, the XP106wDE delivers wireless music playback from your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth, while the included XPD1 Headset USB Digital Wireless System offers 100′ of performance freedom. The additional channels can be used for adding a vocalist or guitarist, as well as stereo devices such as MP3 players, keyboards and more. Also, an included line output allows you to combine multiple systems together to expand your sound. Powered by an ultra-efficient Class D amplifier, the XP106wDE packs 100 watts of power into a rugged enclosure weighing just 16 pounds. A convenient top carry handle makes transportation simple, while a full front grille protects all of the speaker’s components. The XP106wDE makes going wireless easy. Simply plug the XPD1 Headset’s USB stick receiver into the speaker’s USB Wireless port, turn on your beltpack transmitter, and enjoy the freedom via the low-profile DE5 Double-Ear Headset Microphone. In addition, the XP106wDE features a Music/Speech switch that lets you optimize the output EQ for speech or music playback. It also offers a speaker stand mount for maximum display flexibility. Finish: Black.
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Magnat Multi Monitor 220

Magnat Multi Monitor 220Fully active Bluetooth stereo loudspeaker set with phono input. The Magnat MULTI MONITOR 220 combines classic hi-fi with modern music streaming: The high-quality active stereo set provides a phono pre-amplifier for MM record players as well as Bluetooth including aptX in addition to further analogue and digital inputs. This enables the beloved vinyl collection to really come into its own, as well as high-definition digital music – from your smartphone, notebook or tablet, even in completely wireless mode. The Magnat MULTI MONITOR 220 makes things easy for its owners: It offers six different options for connecting source devices. Audiophile listeners are particularly delighted with the integrated phono pre-amplifier for MM systems, which can be switched on by connecting to the stereo RCA input. In this way, your record collection can really come into its own on a high-quality, high-performance system. The MULTI MONITOR 220 also plays back digital titles with just as much precision: Bluetooth, including aptX, guarantees outstanding quality for audio streaming. Users can also find other wired connectivity options on the back of the unit in the form of a 3.5 mm jack socket as well as one optical and one coaxial digit input. The source can be selected easily via the remote control provided. The MULTI MONITOR 220 processes digital input signals of up to 192 kHz/24 bits. To ensure that this outstanding quality can also be exploited to the full during playback, we only use high-quality components for the chassis: We have opted for a 25 mm Magnat fmax tweeter which, thanks to its dispersion-optimised sound guide and powerful ferrite magnet system, performs just as dynamically as it does in terms of precision. The deep bass range is taken care of by an FE Dynamics chassis with a ceramic-aluminium membrane and distortion-optimised magnet system. For example, the compact shelf-top speakers cover an impressive frequency range of 35 to 40,000 hertz. Those wanting even more power in the bass range, in particular, can connect an optional subwoofer via the Sub-Out port. The Magnat MULTI MONITOR 220 has a high-quality Class D amplifier with a power output of 2 x 40 watts RMS. The module with all the connections is housed in the right-hand speaker enclosure. This means that the stereo set does not need a separate amplifier or receiver but, rather, simply a power connection. All of the components are perfectly matched and deliver clear and exceptionally powerful reproduction, something that is otherwise only possible with considerably more expensive or larger systems. The left and right speakers are connected via a classic loudspeaker cable provided in the package. High-quality, gold-plated terminals are provided for the actual connection. This high-quality technology and the high-precision chassis are suitably accommodated in a sturdy, low-resonance enclosure made of E1 MDF timber boards. The white membrane of the subwoofer has a stylish look and presents a striking contrast to the silk-matt black-lacquered baffle. Those who like things a bit more discreet can attach the removable front cover with the acoustic fabric via the invisible magnetic fastener. Located inside each loudspeaker is a carefully tuned Airflex port with rounded edges. This enables the owners of a MULTI MONITOR 220 to enjoy additional performance in the bass range without any interfering flow noise. To ensure secure and acoustically optimum stability, the speakers are also fitted with resonance-damping rubber feet. The Magnat MULTI MONITOR 220 is a compact, high-quality stereo system that does not need an external receiver or amplifier and even meets audiophile demands – regardless of whether it´s vinyl or streaming. Dimensions: 178 x 298 x 235 mm, Colour: Black
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