Smart piano The ONE Light Keyboard – White Gold

Smart piano The ONE Light Keyboard - White GoldPortable MIDI keyboard that connects to a mobile device and helps user learn a piano piece within few minutes in an enjoyable way, which makes it a perfect instrument for beginners and experienced players. It features 61 light-up, touch-sensitive keys that will light up during sheet music playing according to The ONE Smart Piano app and over 128 different instrument sounds you can select from. The free app provides multiple learning choices including crash course, 4000+ interactive sheet music, 100+ step-by-step tutorial videos, and even fun games. The keyboard provides a MIDI output and recording feature, external player input, mic input, pedal input, USB and an audio output for patching into larger amplification systems. It also features built-in speakers and supports music playback through third-party apps such as Spotify, YouTube, Pandora. It can run on 6 AA batteries but also provides way of power supply usage. White Gold colour design.
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