Novation 49SL MKIII

Novation 49SL MKIIIMidi controller with 49 standard keys, equipped with eight-track polyphonic sequencer, or CV outputs, which allows you to control vintage synthesizers or EURORACK. It offers 61 note velocity sensitive, individually sprung, synth style, semi-weighted keyboard with an aftertouch, 8 voice polyphony for each track, 8 layers for recording, arpeggiator, 16 RGB dynamically sensitive pads for loops and samplings, eight faders, eight rotary controls, buttons for triggering clips, transport buttons, a modular wheel, or other buttons for easy access to all the important features. The controller works with a whole range of DAW software and stands out in combination with Ableton Live. It is equipped with MIDI In / Out / Thru connectors, USB connector, analog clock output, CV output pair, input for the sustain and expression pedal, or footswitch input. Dimensions: 817 x 300 x 100 mm, Weight: 6. 3 kg
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