MOOG Etherwave Theremin Standard Ash

MOOG Etherwave Theremin Standard AshHigh-quality theremin with design that retains many characteristics of the original theremins, including a five-octave pitch range and reliable spacing between notes for sophisticated playability. The theremin is one of the oldest electronic instruments, and the only one known that can be played without touching. Moving the hands in the space around its antennas controls pitch and volume. This model is an authentic adaptation of inventor Leon Theremin’s original design and comes fully assembled in a beautiful ash wood cabinet. Its antennas are nickel-plated 9.5mm brass tubes and feature threaded connectors which allow them to be removed for travel. The instrument features the Power rocker switch for switching on and off the AC power, Pitch rotary control for adjusting the response of the pitch antenna, Volume rotary control for adjusting the response of the volume antenna, Waveform rotary control for adjusting the waveform of the audio output and Brightness rotary control for adjusting the brightness of the audio output. It is also fitted with an adapter for mounting on a standard microphone stand and is designed for use with a musical instrument amplifier such as the Moog TB-15. It ships with two video tutorials on one DVD: Clara Rockmore: the Greatest Theremin Virtuosa and Mastering the Theremin, featuring Lydia Kavina. A 220V power supply is also included.
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