Marshall DSL5CR

Marshall DSL5CRPortable 5-Watt amplifier for home use or small gigs equipped with 10″ Celestion Ten-30 loudspeaker. Preamp tubes: 3 x ECC83, Power tube: 1 x 12BH7 / ECC99. Real valve tone with the organic warmth and response, adjustable power level, compact cabinet with a Celestion Ten-30 speaker for both portability and projection. The amplifier has 2 channels with classic gain and ultra gain for instant sound switching capability, alongside a versatile range of EQ controls (improved for 2018) that let you fully sculpt your sound, bass switch that complements a resonant bass boost, Softube emulated direct output – you can plug the output directly into a mixing desk or recording device and access a high-quality emulation. Ideal for no-fuss recording or for sending a direct signal to your front-of-house mixing desk. Serial FX Loop, Controls: Classic Gain: Gain/Volume, Ultra Gain: Gain/Volume, Tone Shift, Treble, Middle, Bass, Deep, Reverb. Footswitch included.
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