Markbass Marcus Miller CMD 101 Micro 60

Markbass Marcus Miller CMD 101 Micro 60Bass guitar combo from Marcus Miller series. Great for small gigs and recording and thanks to the balanced output, you can connect it to a mixer/PA, then using it as a small personal monitor. This compact combo amp section also features level control, 3- band EQ, aux in, headphone out, line out with XLR output (balanced), speaker output (jack) with on/off switch. Power: 60W/4Ohm and 45W/8Ohm. Features 1×10“ Markbass custom speaker and 1“ tweeter/piezo. Frequency range: 45 – 18,000 Hz. Dimensions (W x H x D): 37 x 36.6 x 33.4 cm. Weight: 11,5kg
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