Line6 XD V75

Line6 XD V75Handheld wireless system for vocals and speech from XD-V series that contains one handheld transmitter featuring DSP modelling and one full-diversity receiver providing 2.4 GHz digital transmission and 14 channels for using up to 14 different devices. It utilizes the XD Digital Channel Lock technology that ensures the receiver only accepts the right signal, no static noise or radio. It works within the frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz, provides signal coding and it features 24-bit AD/DA converters. The system is very easy to use: just set one of the receiver’s offered channels and pair it with the transmitter. The receiver offers range of up 91 m and features two antennas. The transmitter with interchangeable dynamic microphone capsule with cardioid polar patters provides simulation of 10 well-known microphones and 9 EQ filters for sound adjustment. The LED indicators on the receiver show status of the battery, used channels, simulations, filters or other data. Dynamic range: > 117 dB. The receiver can be mounted into a rack and is powered by a power supply (both included). The transmitter is powered by two AA batteries. Dimensions: 1U x 1/5 19” or 19”. Depth: 180 mm.
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