Line6 RELAY G55

Line6 RELAY G55Compact 2.4 GHz-band digital wireless system for guitar or bass guitar from Relay series with 12 compatible channels that can be use simultaneously and 90-metre line-of-sight range. FCC/DTV compliant system includes a compact metal body-pack transmitter and a half-rack receiver, plus accessories, and provides encrypted data stream for added signal protection and a broad audio frequency response of 10 Hz to 20 kHz. It incorporates patented 4th generation wireless technology for superior dynamic range of 117 dB and Digital Channel Lock technology that protects the signal, as well as Cable Tone that simulates the high-frequency roll-off characteristics of a standard 25-foot cable. System is designed to be compander-free so the signal stays true and provides high-quality 24-bit A/D conversion. All-metal, half-rack receiver is designed for rack-mount or amp-top use and equipped with simple set of controls for easy use and powered half-wavelength antennas. It also provides XLR and 1/4″ outputs. Transmitter is light-weight and features bright LEDs for displaying power, status and battery life. It works for approximately 8 hours on two AA alkaline batteries. Batteries, power supply for receiver, locking cable and manual are included.
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