Laney TI15-112 Tony Iommi signature guitar combo

Laney TI15-112 Tony Iommi signature guitar comboSignature all-tube combo amplifier for electric guitar that takes all the raw power and tone of the Laney TI100s high gain channel and crams it into a compact single channel unit. It was designed specifically for Tony Iommi to use backstage to warm up on before he hits the huge stages of the worlds’ arenas. Utilizing Laney’s unique dual wattage input option means you can push the twin EL84 output section hard and get 15 W RMS of full on tone or plus into the ‘less than 1 W’ and get exactly that – the same great tone but at less than 1 W. The combo also features the cool flexibility of being able to record both silently, for late night recording sessions or in live situations via the Speaker Emulated Record Out feature on the rear panel. It is equipped with a 12” custom-designed HH driver; three ECC83 preamp tubes; and Pre-Boost, Volume and Drive channel controls plus a 3-band EQ, Dynamics and Tone controls. Other features include a variable level FX loop and a MP3 mini-jack input. The combo is finished in Tony’s trade mark black and cross livery with kick-proof metal grill. Dimensions: 445 x 461 x 268 mm.
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