Laney RB4 Richter Bass 2017

Laney RB4 Richter Bass 2017The RB4 is a 165-watt bass combo with 15″ speaker plus switchable horn. From studio to stage the RB4 is a compact yet powerful bass rig. Richter is a well-established, highly-acclaimed range of solid-state bass amplifiers with something to suit every bass player. Whatever your requirements the Richter range delivers the bass. The RB4 houses a 165 watt RMS amplifier and features a 15″ custom speaker plus a switchable HF Horn. It features powerful EQ control via Bass, Treble, 7-band graphic mid plus Laney’s unique ‘Enhance’ control that dials in increased low-end definition. The RB4’s on-board compressor works in sympathy with the Gain control with both ‘On’ and ‘Active’ lights to indicate how the compressor is reacting to playing dynamics. The on board Limiter can be engaged to cut power stage distortion if required. High or Normal input choices can be selected to match the type of bass used, an XLR DI sends a pre-EQ feed direct to a mixer or amplifier and Aux In allows the connection of backing tracks.
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