Laney IRT-15H-2

Laney IRT-15H-2Guitar all-tube pre-amp. Features: The IRT15H houses a single high gain Ironheart channel which features unique input options of 15 watts or <1W letting you choose your output level, a foot switchable pre boost function, drive, 3 band EQ and a volume control. Plus Pre-boost, Dynamics control, master Tone control and a high quality digital reverb. With multiple speaker connection options, an aux input, a variable level FX loop and a speaker emulated record out the IRT15H has got everything you need for live, rehearsal or studio gigs. Specs: Power: 15 watts & <1W. Class: AB. Output valves: 2 x EL84. Preamp valves: 3 x ECC83. Channels: Single Ironheart channel. Channel controls: Pre-Boost, Drive, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume, Dynamics, Tone & Reverb. Equalisation: Bass, Middle & Treble. Variable FX loop. Inputs: 1 x Jack 15 Watts & 1 x Jack 1 Watt. Speaker Connections: 2 x Jack – 8 & 16 Ohms. Dimensions (H x W x D): 180 x 460 x 245 mm. Weight: 7.5 kg.
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