KRK 10S2 Active Studio Subwoofer

KRK 10S2 Active Studio SubwooferThe 10s2 powered studio subwoofer builds upon KRK’s legacy for sonic accuracy and performance. The custom-voiced, glass-aramid woofer delivers tight, defined bass, while the Class-D powered Amplifier dramatically increases transient response, control and punch, allowing you to properly engineer the low-frequency portion of the mix. The four-position selectable crossover makes it easy to adjust the subwoofer setting to your existing monitors. Pairing the 10s2 with KRK or another studio monitors delivers an optimized listening and mixing experience with extended low end, while the exclusive bypass-control feature provides full range audio to the monitors if needed, without switching off the subwoofer. Features: – 10″ woven Kevlar Woofer – Bass extension to 26 Hz with a max SPL of 117 dB – Footswitch input enables/disables sub and crossover filter (footswitch not included) – Curved design with front-firing bass port for placement flexibility – Powerful, lightweight Class D amplification – Optimized four-position crossover control – Universal connectivity: XLR, 1/4″ TRS, and RCA inputs and outputs – Polarity and input sensitivity controls – All-steel grill and 15 mm reinforced MDF enclosure provide maximum strength and protection – Ground lift switch prevents ground loops.
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