Korg Liverpool Profesional Arranger

Korg Liverpool Profesional ArrangerProfessional arranger keyboard with 61-key Natural Touch mini-keyboard that features 100 classic songs from John Lennon and Paul McCartney built into its memory – it automatically provides an accompaniment that matches the feel of the original song. When you hear those familiar introductions from the internal speakers, just use your right hand to add the piano, and you will be playing along. It can be practiced at a slower tempo without changing the pitch or transpose, with muted for minus-one playing, with muted guitar while playing along on a real guitar, or enjoyed in many other possibilities that are unique to a musical instrument performance. The arranger also offers a variety of Styles, including 64 Lennon & McCartney Style which are arranged in alphabetical order just like the built-in songs – just add an accompaniment by using the left hand to play the chords. Each style has up to four functions, and also allows you to add an intro, fill, and ending. In addition, the arranger also includes Styles inherited from the microARRANGER, KORG’s compact and powerful arranger keyboard. The unit also provides high-quality sound that can be used live – with standard keyboard sounds such as piano, electric piano, and organ, as well as guitar, bass, strings, brass, and drum sounds that can also be used with the styles, this instrument is all you need to cover a wide range of sounds. Four stereo effects are also built-in, allowing for adding finishing touches to the overall sound from performance to output. The arranger comes standard with stereo speakers. Even without using an amp or headphones, it can produce the sound from the instrument itself. It is also compact and convenient to carry, featuring a panel sporting a bold British flag (Union Jack) design. An SD card slot is provided for expansion. Bonus styles and programs provided on the KORG.com webpage. An adaptor, music stand and accessory discs are all included. Dimensions: 873 x 277 x 91 mm. Weight: 4.2 kg.
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