Ibanez P3110 Promethean

Ibanez P3110 PrometheanClosed-back 300W combo amplifier for electric bass guitar from Promethean series that is equipped with 10” coaxial speaker and a tweeter with special on/off switch which allows for even more tonal change: by turning the tweeter off, user can eliminate unnecessary high frequency overtones. Sound can be further shaped by a simple 3-band tone control to adjust the tonal character and a Phat control provides enhanced bottom and high end tone, as well as Gain and Master controls plus a Limiter switch. The included aux input allows user to play along with a connected MP3 or CD player, while the headphone out is great for bedroom jam sessions or sound checks at rehearsal. The XLR line output sends a balanced signal to the mixing console and/or main PA system in any live or studio situation. GND Lift can cut ground loops with other connected equipment. Dimensions: 320 x 303 x 350 mm. Weight: 10.8 kg.
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