HK Audio PR:O 10 XD

HK Audio PR:O 10 XDActive cab from the Premium PR:O series. This truly multifunctional cab gets the job done nicely as a satellite, as a compact 10”/ 1” fullrange cabinet, or as a low-profile stage monitor. Its balanced frequency response defeats feedback and the Music/Speech knob tunes the unit for the given application. The integrated DSP-based power circuitry delivers 1200 watts. And all this makes the PR:O 10 XD a powerful and flexible sound reinforcement tool. Frequency response: 67 Hz – 18 kHz. Dimensions: 32 x 49 x 29 cm. Weight: 13,2 kg. Colour: Acrylic Black.
HK Audio stage-equipment, loudspeakers, active-loudspeaker

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