G-Lab Guitar System Controller GSC-3

G-Lab Guitar System Controller GSC-3Guitar System Controller (GSC-3/ GSC-2) is the programmable switching device of effects’ loops (looper), the controller which replaces the amp’s footswitch and the MIDI foot controller in one. By pressing just a single footswitch it enables:to activate selected effects (connected to effects loops), to set the amp channel and other amp’s functions controlled by its footswitch input, to select program numbers at MIDI devices (e.g. effects’ processors) and to transmit Control Change type commands. True passive signal path doesn’t contain any active elements (gaining the signal) which could change the guitar tone. All effects and the input buffer are attached by electro-mechanical relays into the signal path (True bypassed circuits). There are available two versions of the controller with different footswitches. The GSC-3 model with metal footswitches and backlighted descriptions and the GSC-2 model with silent, backlighted footswitches.
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