Eventide H9 Harmonizer

Eventide H9 HarmonizerMulti effects guitar pedal-harmonizer from the Live series, with lots of features and compact body. It offers excellent sound quality, simple user interface, control with a single knob and two footswitches and easy setup via Bluetooth using H9 Control software for MS Windows and iOS. It is equipped with a true analog bypass, MIDI interface and an input for an expression pedal, factory effects (UltraTap Delay, Shimmer, Hall, Crystals, H910/H949, Chorus, Tremolo, Tape Echo and Vintage Delay), it has 9 algorithms + 1 downloadable algorithm, 99 factory presets, a built-in tuner, stereo input and output, and a USB interface. It comes with 9V/500 mA adapter. Unit dimensions: 133 x 118 x 59 mm. Weight: 0.7 kg.
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