DDRUM D120B Series 5 Pc. Complete Set Black

DDRUM D120B Series 5 Pc. Complete Set BlackThe ddrum d120B 5-Piece drum set offers power and tone packed into a compact format, with a slightly downscaled kick drum and toms. In addition to drums, the d120B kit includes a straight cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, kick pedal, snare stand, and even a throne plus 14 hi-hat and 16 crash/ride cymbals.Kit Configuration: 7X10TT, 8X12TT, 14X14FT 5.5X14SD, 16X20 BD. Wood Configuration: Basswood Shells, Lug Type: D Series Black Oval, Hoop Spec: 1.6MM Triple Flanged, Plys Tom: 6, Plys Bass Drum: 8, Plys Snare Drum: 6. Finish: Black Wrap.
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