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Roy Benson AS-201

Roy Benson AS-201Alto-Saxophon for children. Keys adjusted to children hands. Suitable for children due to new neck shape. Brass body, brass keys. C#-Bb connected table key. Lacquered finish. Mouthpiece with ligature and cap. With cleaning cloth and harness carrying strap. Light rectangular case with rucksack assembly. Weight approx. 2,5 kg. Key: Eb.
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Yamaha YTR 2330

Yamaha YTR 2330Bb gold lacquer trumpet – the perfect starter instrument for students. The main focus for the design was on a light and easy to play trumpet with a great sound and perfect intonation. Yamaha design instruments with an emphasis on the ergonomics so that they offer beginners optimum support thereby greatly assisting learning, progress and creativity. To help create a lighter instrument, the YTR-2330 has been designed without a brace on the main tuning slide and benefits from the ideal thickness two-piece yellow brass bell. The monel alloy pistons are well known for their good, consistent action and minimise the need for maintenance.
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Yamaha YTR 2330 S

Yamaha YTR 2330 SStandard Bb trumpet that was designed to promote proper playing technique and ease of use. Its two-piece, durable yet light bell is crafted out of yellow brass using state-of-the-art production methods, delivering a consistent, vibrant tone. The balanced weight and addition of an adjustable third valve trigger allows for a natural hand position and promotes proper playing technique, while the water key on the third valve slide adds to the ease of use and over-all playability of the instrument. Highly durable Monel alloy pistons as well as redesigned piston buttons and bottom caps help lengthen the life of the instrument while also maximizing sound quality. The 2nd and main tuning slides are produced using the same method as high-end Yamaha models, which provides stability, a more refined tonal colour and added durability. Bore: ML – 11.66 mm. Bell: 124 mm. Silver finish.
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Hohner ACE 48

Hohner ACE 48In close cooperation with leading players, Hohner has redefined the standard for chromatic harmonicas in the 21st century. Service-friendly and developed to satisfy the highest musical requirements, the Hohner ACE 48 also offers two revolutionary features: Patented Acoustic Coupling Elements (ACE) enable uniquely variable sound design, while in addition the new VarioSpring – System permits exact adjustment of slide spring pressure to suit personal preferences.
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Roy Benson CG-200C

Roy Benson CG-200CC-clarinet for children. German system. Synthetic wood body. 2 barrels: 43mm and 44mm. Nickel-silver keys, silver plated, suitable for children. 12 keys, 4 rings. 2 trill keys Bb and C. Natural cork bumpers. Adjustable thumb rest with a ring for carrying strap. Mouthpiece with ligature and cap. With cleaning swab and cork grease. Light weight case with rucksack assembly. Key: C.
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