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Ibiza Sound Cube 1812

Ibiza Sound Cube 1812Complete 2.1 DJ and PA system. System is suitable for medium-sized events. The Ibiza Cube1812 is a technically and visually integrated 2.1 PA speaker system designed for use at medium-sized events. The powerful 18″ active subwoofer is the PA system’s dynamic centre, and also outputs directly to the 12″ passive speakers. In order to create the optimal sound, the master and subwoofer volumes can be independently adjusted. For further refinements, the system also has an active 2-band equalizer. With its two microphone inputs, the PA system is especially well suited to vocal events such as seminars and conferences etc. The various setup options give the system a unique and flexible usability. The two speakers have flange fittings allowing them to be mounted on the included stands. The subwoofer also has a flange fitting allowing it to be included in a stack, when used with an additional stand (not included in delivery).
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Sennheiser XSW1-825 Dual Band B

Sennheiser XSW1-825 Dual Band B2-channel wireless system for singers and presenters. Designed with ease of use in mind, these analog UHF systems feature a sleek dual-channel receiver with built-in antennas and the streamlined interface from Sennheiser’s popular XS Wireless 1 series. Excellent live sound featuring Sennheiser’s renowned evolution microphone capsule – e825 (dynamic, cardioid). Antenna-switching 2-channel diversity reception. Automatic frequency management and synchronization via remote channel for easy setup. Selectable UHF frequencies within a large bandwidth. Up to 10 compatible channels. Package includes: EM-XSW 1 dual receiver, 2 x SKM 825-XSW handheld transmitter, power supply, manual. EM-XSW 1 dual: Rugged ABS housing. Frequency response: 50 – 16,000 Hz (–3 dB). Connector: XLR, 6,3 mm jack. Power supply: 12 V DC nom. / 300 mA. Dimensions: 320 x 126.5 x 42 mm. Weight: 620 g. Colour: Black. SKM 825-XSW: Rugged ABS housing. Output power: 10 mW. Operating time: 10 h. Power supply: 2 x AA size batteries, 1.5 V. Sensitivity: 0 to -30 dB. Input sensitivity: 1.5 mV / Pa. Frequency response: 80 – 16,000 Hz. Dimensions: 260 x 50 mm. Weight: 245 g. Colour: Black. Frequency: 614 – 638 MHz
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Shure GLXD24E/B58-Z2

Shure GLXD24E/B58-Z2Handheld wireless system that includes GLXD4 receiver, GLX2/BETA58 handheld transmitter, microphone clip, power supply, rechargeable battery, USB cable, carrying case, and user guide. Single-channel wireless receiver features revolutionary LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management (2.4 GHz frequency band) and battery rechargeability – an integrated battery charge port can charge a spare Shure lithium-ion battery while the system is in use. It allows operation of up to 4 compatible systems in a typical setting, and up to 8 maximum under ideal conditions. The receiver features a high-resolution LCD screen status display with real-time transmitter battery status displayed in hours and minutes (accurate within +/- 15 minutes), a remote adjustable transmitter gain control, a two-colour charge indicator LED (Green – Charged, Flashing Green – 90% charged, Red – Charging), XLR and 1/4″ output connectors and a lightweight, durable construction. Handheld transmitter features an integrated BETA 58A cartridge and transmits wireless audio with digital clarity and rock-solid reliability. It automatically links with wireless receiver for seamless frequency changing and offers up to 16 hours of continuous battery life with Shure lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (included). Microphone clip, USB charge cable, and user guide are also included.
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Behringer Eurolive Professional B1800X Pro

Behringer Eurolive Professional B1800X ProProfessional, high-performance 1800W subwoofer for PA applications that features an extremely powerful 18” long-excursion driver, which provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power. Thanks to its extremely high sound pressure level (100 dB half space 1 W @ 1 m) and 40 Hz – 300 Hz frequency range (-10 dB), it offers precise reproduction of ultra-low frequencies with a clear, powerful punch. The subwoofer provides switchable crossover for optional passive or bi-amping operation mode and professional speaker connectors (compatible with Neutrik Speakon). Its enclosure feature a pole socket for mounting with commercial spacer poles, ergonomically shaped handles for easy transport and rugged steel grill for optimal speaker protection. Impedance: 8 Ohms.
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RCF M 18

RCF M 18M Mixers represent a fully integrated solution for musicians. Maximum flexibility and comfort are granted by internal power supply, integrated Wi-Fi access point and antennas: the only items musicians need to carry are their instruments. The six XLR and two Combo connectors that are present on the M 18’s rear panel provide 8 mic preamp inputs, which are designed to lay the foundations for a transparent, warm and dynamic sound. Line inputs have been developed with the same focus. The 10 TS jacks from 9 to 18 provide the line inputs of the M 18. Two of them, 9 and 10, are switchable to Hi-Z – High Impedance input (1M) – and allow direct connection of passive or low-level instruments directly, without the need for an adapter. This is the ideal solution for acoustic or electric or bass guitars with passive pickups. The remote-controlled Mic Gain allows the user to control the Mic Preamps and Line input Gain even at high distance from the M 18 box. All the settings are stored in the snapshot memories and can be recalled according to the user’s needs. Six +22 dB balanced AUX Outputs are on hand to connect stage monitors or external effect processors, in case the M 18’s internal processing is not sufficient for the user’s needs. The +22 dB balanced MAIN MIX outputs are supported by a pair of male XLR. The MixRemote App enables complete and versatile control of the RCF M 18 Digital Mixer. Developed for iOS first, the MixRemote App has been designed with musicians in mind and is very simple to use, thanks to its intuitive Graphic User Interface. Each page or channel functions can be reached with a couple of touches of a single hand – an essential convenience while playing. Designed for musicians. Two line inputs can be switched to a Hi-Z mode and host several realistic amp modeling simulators. Guitar and bass players can count on as many as 11 simulators specifically created for them: Darkface ‘65 (US), JazzC (JP), Rock ‘64 (UK), Rock 800 (UK) Crunch, Rock 900 (UK) Lead, Top30 (UK), Modern (US), BassMate (US), BassAmp (DE), Markbass Little Mark III (IT), Markbass TTE 500 (IT). Combine each amp with many different cabinets and explore various sound possibilities, emulating three types of microphone and three distinct positions: Near on axis, Near off axis, and Far from cabinet (1 m). The wide range of integrated sound options will allow every musician to re-create his own personal familiar sound without the need to transport heavy and bulky amplifiers and cabinets.Features8 High Performance discrete Mic Preamp Input10 Line input including 2 HiZ switchable input1 Stereo Main Out6 balanced Aux output1 Stereo Headphones Out1 dual footswitch connectorMIDI IN and OUT PortsSelection of three type of PEQ , Gate, Compressor on every input channelStandard PEQ on every Aux OutThree internal FX: Reverb, Delay, ModulationUp to 16 insertable Plug-ins selected between plenty of optionValve warmer, Xciter, Maximizer and Stereo Graphic EQ on Main Mix.
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RCF L-PAD 16CX USBDigital 16-channel mixer console with 4 busses from L-PAD series with classic Italian design and USB port for recording and direct connection to a computer. It offers 8 mono and 4 stereo inputs, and 10 ultra quiet mic/line inputs with phantom power option, and frequency response of 20 Hz-22 kHz. It is equipped with six compressor with single control for channels 1-8, 60 mm long-lasting faders, 99 internal presets of digital effects, 3-band EQ on mono inputs and 4-band on stereo inputs, 4 stereo AUX, 1 FX and 4 Group outputs, output for footswitch and versatile L-PAD card slot (Bluetooth connection, recording…). In addition, it features a USB port, outputs for main mix and headphones. Console box is made of metal. Dimensions: 85 x 515 x 460 mm, weight: 6.97 kg, black colour design.
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Shure BLX288E/PG58-H8E

Shure BLX288E/PG58-H8EDual channel handheld vocal wireless system from BLX series with QuickScan frequency selection that provides legendary sound and performance, including a dual channel wireless receiver BLX88, two handheld transmitters BLX2/PG58, two microphone clips, four AA batteries and a power supply. Handheld microphone transmitters feature an integrated PG58 microphone cartridge and lightweight, rugged construction, delivering wireless audio with professional clarity and reliability. They offer up to 14 hours of continuous battery life with 2 AA batteries (each), and -10dB gain attenuation. Dual channel receiver provides up to 12 compatible systems per frequency band (region-dependent) and one-touch QuickScan frequency selection that quickly locates the best open frequency (in case of interference). It is equipped with XLR and 1/4″ output connectors, a microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity and two-colour audio status indicator LED (green for normal audio levels, red for excessive audio levels). Frequency: 518-542 MHz
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