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Sugar Bytes Thesys

Sugar Bytes ThesysSugar Bytes Thesys

Thesys is an extremely powerful and intuitive MIDI step-sequencer plug-in, giving you control over just about all aspects of your favorite MIDI devices. Use Thesys to create varied and organic bass lines, screaming leads, pulsating chords, and organic pad sounds in the studio or on stage.For live musicians, Thesys provides an (read more…)

SUGAR BYTES, Software Synths & Samplers Software SUGAR BYTES 12-41318

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Uvi Ultramini Virtual Instrument Boxed Version

Uvi Ultramini Virtual Instrument Boxed VersionUvi Ultramini Virtual Instrument Boxed Version

The UltraMini is the permutation of two highly sought after analog synths, all wrapped up into one extremely powerful and perceptive virtual instrument. This hybrid monster is a 3-oscillator subtractive powerhouse with the soul of two legendary analog masterpieces. The UltraMini takes on its form from an instrument that is (read more…)

UVI, Software Synths & Samplers Software UVI UltraMini

Digidesign Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack

Digidesign Pro Tools Instrument Expansion PackDigidesign Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack

Supersize your sound with the Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack, the ultimate professional virtual instrument collection for Pro Tools. Featuring the latest, more powerful versions of all five groundbreaking virtual instrumentsStructure, Strike, Velvet, Transfuser, and Hybridthe Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack gives you (read more…)

Digidesign, Software Synths & Samplers Software Digidesign 9910-61676-00

Motu Machfive 3 Competitive Upgrade

Motu Machfive 3 Competitive UpgradeMotu Machfive 3 Competitive Upgrade

Competitive upgrade for MachFive 3. If you are an owner of GigaStudio, Kontakt, Structure, HALion, SampleTank or other eligible virtual sampler product, you can upgrade to MachFive 3 for $200 off list price.To qualify for this MachFive competitive upgrade offer, you must confirm ownership of a competing product listed below by (read more…)

MOTU, Software Synths & Samplers Software MOTU 5961

Sonivox Twist Spectral Morphing Synthesizer

Sonivox Twist Spectral Morphing SynthesizerSonivox Twist Spectral Morphing Synthesizer

TWIST is an innovative new approach to synthesis and sound design from SONiVOX’s Nemesynth Audio Research Group offering you unmatched, yet almost effortless control over some of the most unique sounds you will ever design. Combining a brand new type of synthesis, intelligent performance controls, and cutting-edge GUI design TWIST (read more…)

Sonivox, Software Synths & Samplers Software Sonivox SVX_STWIST

Ableton Live 9.7 Standard Upgrade From Live Lite

Ableton Live 9.7 Standard Upgrade From Live LiteAbleton Live 9.7 Standard Upgrade From Live Lite

Live is software for creating musical ideas, turning them into finished songs, and even taking them onto the stage. With two views the classic Arrangement View, where musical ideas are laid out along a timeline, and the unique Session View, where you can improvise and quickly experiment with musical ideas Live is a fast, fun, (read more…)

Ableton, Software Synths & Samplers Software Ableton 85716

Arturia Spark Edm

Arturia Spark EdmArturia Spark Edm

Spark EDM is a comprehensive production tool for creating the pulse-pounding sounds of Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Techno, House, and more. The third Arturia software instrument based on the Spark Engine, Spark EDM incorporates 14 high-quality effects, 16 independent audio outputs, 480 cutting-edge instruments, and 30 kits, with 3 (read more…)

Arturia, Software Synths & Samplers Software Arturia 210312

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