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Boss ACS LiveThe Acoustic Singer Live takes the acoustic stage amp to new levels of sound quality and creative versatility. Incorporating BOSS’s latest advancements in amplifier research, this compact powerhouse produces rich, vibrant sound with unmatched punch and clarity. Independent channels are provided for acoustic guitar and vocal, and each is equipped with discrete analog input circuits and three-band EQ for studio-quality sound. And with additional features such as Acoustic Resonance, looping, automatic vocal harmonies, effects, and much more, the Acoustic Singer Live gives acoustic musicians everything they need to deliver inspiring and impactful live performances. Amplifying your acoustic guitar with the Acoustic Singer Live is a truly inspiring experience. BOSS engineers worked tirelessly to accurately reproduce the instrument’s fast transient response and natural, three-dimensional feel, and each amplifier element was carefully developed to achieve this. A powerful bi-amp design with extended peak power delivers tight, high-definition sound with ultra-clean broadband frequency response. The custom woofer and dome tweeter feature innovative materials and precision design points that work together to fill the stage with rich, naturally diffused sound. Other fine details include a unique cabinet construction method that eliminates unwanted resonances, and an integrated tilt-back design for maximum projection. The Acoustic Singer Live’s guitar channel features a discrete analog input circuit that provides ample headroom for the quick attack and wide dynamic range of the acoustic guitar. Also included is BOSS’s Acoustic Resonance, which employs advanced processing to eliminate the hard, sterile sound produced by the piezo pickups in most stage guitars. This powerful feature not only enhances the character of your pickup, but also restores the complex natural resonances that are so often lost when amplifying your acoustic. The channel provides a three-band EQ as well, plus a phase switch and notch control for keeping feedback issues at bay. Two types of chorus effects and a guitar-optimized reverb are also on hand to add a finishing touch to your sound. The Acoustic Singer Live also includes a dedicated mic channel, giving singing guitarists a compact, all-in-one amplification solution. A discrete analog input circuit delivers full, clear sound, and phantom power is on tap for using studio-grade condenser microphones. There’s also a three-band EQ, phase switch, and anti-feedback notch control, plus top-quality delay/echo and reverb effects to enrich your vocal sound. If you’re using the Acoustic Singer Live for guitar only, this channel can alternately be used to mic up your acoustic. For players that use advanced setups, it also works great for blending another amplification source installed in the guitar, such as a second pickup or an internal mic. The Acoustic Singer Live’s rear panel is well stocked for your interfacing needs. Dual DI/Line outputs are provided on XLR connectors, and each features a versatile mode switch for outputting both channels mixed together, or individual channels direct or post-effects. There’s also an aux input with level control, perfect for playing backing music from your mobile device. A USB jack offers a direct computer connection to a DAW, while the Rec/Phones jack provides a standard 1/4 -inch stereo connection for quiet practice sessions or recording to portable devices. Numerous jacks are also available for controlling the harmony function, looper, effects, and more via optional footswitches. 238392 Boss 459.00 guitars guitars > guitar-combos > combos-for-acoustic-electric-guitars yes Marshall AS50D Black guitars, guitar-combos, combos-for-acoustic-electric-guitars The Limited Edition Black Marshall AS50D is a 50 watt, Feature packed Acoustic Guitar Amp. The Black Marshall AS50DB acoustic guitar amp is a 50 watt combo housing two eight inch custom-voiced speakers. These speakers feature a highly efficient piezo tweeter which allows for clear and detailed sound reproduction across the entire frequency range. It’s part of the Marshall Acoustic range along with the Marshall AS100D acoustic guitar amplifier. This compact and portable amp combo features two channels, each of which has its own independent volume and tone controls. A variety of inputs give the Marshall AS50D amp the ability to handle all-corners: the high impedance input on Channel 1 is perfect for piezo or magnetic pickups , while Channel 2 boasts RCA phono input, plus a balanced XLR type input in addition to its jack input, making it the perfect host for voice, instrument or even backing track applications. The Marshall AS50 D guitar amplifier also has a built-in, adjustable Chorus which is assignable to either or both channels, plus Reverb and a Parallel Effects Loop that can be balanced between the two channels. Anti-feedback controls include a Phase switch and a frequency controllable is an internal Limiter which allows you to drive the maximum level from the 50 watt power stage, yet remain distortion free. 240255 Marshall 308.00 guitars guitars > guitar-combos > combos-for-acoustic-electric-guitars yes Laney LV300Twin guitars, guitar-combos, hybrid-guitar-combos Gig-ready, hybrid three-channel 120W RMS combo amplifier for electric guitar from LV series that is designed with live applications in mind, providing a variety of live-use features. It is equipped with a real ECC83 tube and a pair of custom-designed 12” HH drivers, giving it the power and tone to cut through on stage. Tubes add warmth and character to most classic guitar sounds but tube amps can be heavy and more expensive. This combo’s preamplifier is therefore equipped with a real ECC83 tube to combine the practicality and portability of a solid state amplifier with the benefits of tube tone. Three channels are provided – Clean, Drive 1 and Drive 2. Each of the 2 Drive channels features a ‘V’ switch, which provides an instantly scooped tone. Plus as there is one per channel it provides the flexibility to scoop the rhythm tone whilst leaving the solo tone unaffected. Also featured is the VTS switch which globally boosts certain bass and upper mid frequencies whilst cutting some of the lower mid allowing two different amp characters depending on the gig. Onboard reverb provides ambiance to the amp tone and different reverb levels can be set to Clean and Drive sections. Channel, Drive and Reverb can be controlled by remote footswitch (Laney FS3) which is included. Other features include an FX loop that allows connection of outboard effects and the Extension Speaker out sockets that make the combo 100% stage-ready. The enclosure features rugged plastic corners, a rubber handle and rubber feet for better stability. Dimensions: 478 x 669 x 288 mm. Weight: 21.5 kg. 203911 Laney 358.00 guitars guitars > guitar-combos > hybrid-guitar-combos yes Blackstar SUPER FLY BT PCK guitars, guitar-combos, mini-guitar-combos The SUPER FLY PACK contains a SUPER FLY, PSU-2 POWER SUPPLY, PB-1 POWERBANK and GB-1 GIG BAG in one package to instantly give you have the most flexible, portable, compact amp set-up around. Use the Blackstar approved mains PSU-2 power supply to power your SUPER FLY when you’re staying inside. The compact PB-1 POWERBANK will power your SUPER FLY for up to 9 hours. There are also two handy USB charging points and a useful stage torch built in. With waterproof zips, multiple pockets for storage, access to rear the panel within the bag and comfort shoulder strap the GB-1 GIG BAG gives rugged protection for your SUPER FLY. (The GB-1 can also be used with the ID:CORE BEAM). Mount your SUPER FLY on a standard 35mm P.A. stand using the SA-1 STAND ADAPTOR. 305145 Blackstar 317.00 guitars guitars > guitar-combos > mini-guitar-combos yes Line6 AMPLIFi 150 guitars, guitar-combos, modelling-guitar-combos Modeling guitar combo from AMPLIFi series with output 150 W, with USB connection and transmission of audio over Bluetooth. It offers 5 speakers: 12 Celestion, two mid-frequency drivers, and two high-frequency drivers, that ensure powerful sound. It is operated with wireless technology and special iOS application (included), and is compatible with all foot switches from Line 6 FBV MkII series. Furthermore, it is equipped with 4 built-in presets (100 while using the FBV Shortboard MKII), built-in Stereo Wet/Dry effects, tap tempo function and tuner, 1/4″ headphone input and guitar input, a 1/8″ stereo aux input. The operating application is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and PC. Size: 412.75 x 571.5 x 241 mm, weight: 16.2 kg.
Line6 guitars, guitar-combos, combos-for-acoustic-electric-guitars

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