Ashdown AAA-120-15T

Ashdown AAA-120-15TA solid 120 watt bass amp combo with a single 15” Ashdown speaker. The Ashdown AAA EVO Range maintains its build quality and durability but utilises a new lightweight ply construction that has cut down on the weight but not the tone. The combo features a fully loaded array of facilities including passive and active inputs, as well as a balanced Di output, tweeter and the option for an extension speaker out with its own dedicated 8 Ohm min load jack socket. The Ashdown AAA EVO 120-15T also features a tube emulated overdrive for devastating distortion, as well as a 4 band EQ section with a sweepable mid control. The addition of a Vintage/Modern Low and High push button changes the character of the low or high end. On the rear of the combo, there is a Tweeter and speaker mute switch and headphone socket. There is also a balanced DI XLR socket, an FS-1 footswitch jack socket and a Line in and an FX loop. Download Ashdown’s signature ABM Pre App (available via Agile Partners Amp Kit) and switch on the incredible features that you get from the formidable ABM range, thus transforming the amp into a tone machine. The combo has a premium heavy-duty buffalo Tolex covering with a stylish and distinctive vintage red grill. The dimensions of the combo are 520 x 450 x 375 mm and the weight is 17 kg.
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