Arturia DrumBrute

Arturia DrumBruteProviding 17 distinct, fully analog drum and percussion instruments with an intuitive sequencer, massive connectivity, a two-mode Steiner-Parker filter, and dynamic performance controls, DrumBrute will take your beat production to the next level. Create energetic and exciting drum beats with a single, user-friendly device. With its vast sonic potential and smooth workflow, DrumBrute meets and exceeds the expectations of demanding musicians. Bridging the gap between inspiration and technology, DrumBrute offers punchy analog drum sounds, advanced 64 step / 64 pattern sequencing possibilities and ultra-effective performance controls. Every single one of the seventeen drum & percussion parts is 100% analog, and carries the savage DNA of the Brute synth family. DrumBrute is fully polyphonic, so all of its sounds can be played simultaneously and twisted by the nasty two-mode 12dB Steiner-Parker filter. A collection of 17 distinct analog drum instruments; an advanced 64-step drum sequencer with song mode; a polyrhythmic, step-repeat glitch machine; a performance powerhouse and sequence looper. DrumBrute is all of this. It can also act as your creative hub, as its vast connectivity allows you to output different sections of your mix separately, and connect to all your existing studio & performance gear with USB, MIDI, and Clock I/O. All analog, all the time. Two flavors of kick drums, wide-ranging snare and clap settings, two hi-hats with separate tone and decay controls, and more. The DrumBrute offers a wider sound palette than any other analog drum machine on the market. Features17 pure analog drum sounds Kick 1, kick 2, snare, clap, hi-hat 1, hi-hat 2, conga hi, conga low, tom hi, tom low, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambourine, cymbal, reverse cymbal, zap. Wide-range controls allow for many new and unique sounds. 2 different flavors of kick drums Our unique analog Reverse Cymbal64 patterns with up to 64 steps eachSeparate accent per drumSong mode for chaining patternsPattern effects Swing that can be global or per instrument Randomness per instrument for generating variations. Pattern Looper for beat repeat functionsSteiner Parker output filter with bypassMultiple sync options Internal MIDI Clock 1PPS, 2PPQ, DIN24, DIN48USB MIDI interfaceIndividual audio outputsHeadphone output with both 3.5mm and 1/4” jacksCreate polyrhythms Each drum track can be a separate length.
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