AKG WMS 470 VOCAL SET D5-B7Professional multichannel wireless vocal set from WMS 470 series that features a pilot tone transmission to prevent unwanted noise and is ideal for conference, medium theatre and houses of worship applications. It works within a bandwidth of 500.1 to 530.5 MHz and includes a SR470 receiver, an HT470 hand-held transmitter with D5 capsule, a stand adapter, a rack mount kit, universal power supply, an AA size battery and two antennas. The SR470 analogue space diversity professional wireless receiver comes in a rugged half-rack metal housing. The enhanced Auto Setup with channel preview, Environment Scan and Rehearsal mode allows a very quick and easy system setup. The programmable backlight changes colour to warn the user of critical operating conditions e.g. transmitter low battery information, audio peaks, or low radio signal strength. The rugged HT470 analogue hand-held transmitter continuously sends transmitter data, including low-battery information, to the receiver. It provides up to 50mW transmission power for maximum radio signal strength for long-distance applications. An infrared data link in conjunction with the automatic frequency setup makes it extremely simple to use. The unique dipole-antenna design ensures reliable transmission even when one pole of the antenna is covered completely by the user’s hand. Enhanced battery identification automatically detects the used battery type and allows up to 14 hours of operation on one AA-size battery. The display shows the remaining operating time in hours.
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