Acus Forstrings One 5T Wood

Acus Forstrings One 5T WoodEquipped with two separate inputs (one Mic-Line and one Line), with controls for Gain/Volume, 3-Band EQ, Effect Send and Master Volume. The dedicated AUX input (with its own volume) allows for connetting an mp3 player or iPod. The system also features an electronically balanced direct output. Finish: Wood.Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 20 kHzMax Power Out: 50 W RMSSystem format: 2 way biampWoofer Power: 40 W RMSTweeter / Horn Power: 10 W RMSSensitivity 1 W 1 m: 90 dBSPL MAX: 108 dBCrossover: ElectricWoofer size: 5″High Freq driver: Comrepssion Tweter Box: 2 way bass reflexConstruction: PlywoodWeight: 7 kgDimensions: 305 x 255 x 265 mm.
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